How to Prepare for your Maternity Session | Fresno, Ca Maternity Photography

A Maternity session is the perfect way to celebrate this fleeting time in your life.  I understand the anticipation to see your little one, but let’s slow things down a bit and focus on you, the mommy to be.  There are a few things you can do to prepare for your maternity session, so we can capture this special time for you and your family.

When Should I Book my Maternity Session?

I suggest booking a maternity session during the early part of your second trimester.  This will ensure we have room on our schedule, so we can accommodate your date preferences.  Your session will be scheduled during your 29-36 weeks pregnant.  I love this stage in pregnancy because my clients are showing, but are still able to pose easily.

What Should I Bring to my Maternity Shoot?

I ask all my maternity clients to bring a nude strapless bra and panties, and a black bra and panties.  I prefer photographing my clients nude so we don’t have any panty lines or bras digging into your skin.  However, some clients prefer to be covered and bringing my suggested undergarments will help them to feel more comfortable.

Should I Bring Anything to Eat?

Let’s face it.  Pregnant mamas need to eat!  The studio has light snacks, water, tea and coffee available to you.  If you have a favorite snack or food allergies, I suggest bringing food with you.  The studio offers you a private sitting room where you can comfortably eat and lounge between setups.

Can My Family be Included in the Shoot?

Absolutely!  I always encourage immediate family members to participate in the shoot!  When my assistant sends you the questionnaire, make sure to note how many people will be attending.  I do suggest that extended family stay behind, unless you absolutely want a large family portrait.  These do take some time to photograph and it will cut into your session, but we can accommodate this!

Do I Have to be Nude?

My love for nude imagery does flow throughout my website and social media.  It has a timelessness that makes my heart sing!  While I do prefer to photograph my clients nude, it is not required!  The studio has a large client wardrobe, stocked with over 20 gowns and many silk colors.