My Modern Baby by Nikki Lenae Photography


Did you know I have a second photography business focused on timeless, and modern baby photography? I will admit that I have been feeling torn between both styles of newborn photography. On one hand I have Nikki Lenae Photography that focuses on props, color and perfect posing. On the other hand I have My Modern Baby that uses minimal props, relaxed posing, and neutral colors. My love for both styles is why I created My Modern Baby. I noticed that this timeless genre of newborn photography was few and far between in the Fresno, Ca area and I knew I could bring this style to the valley.


So what is “relaxed posing”? Have you ever noticed how your baby likes to sleep with their arms above their head, or all curled up on your chest? My goal during these sessions is to mimic baby’s natural movements, listen to baby’s likes and dislikes, and plan my posing around this. The best way to describe “relaxed posing” is gentle posing.


How is this style considered timeless and modern? I feel every baby is perfect just the way they are. Their curled fists, flaky skin, and wispy lashes will never cease to amaze me. This style of photography is perfect for the client that would like all the attention on baby, with focus on the little things my client wants to remember for years to come. When you look through my work, you will notice I only use the colors white, grey, cream and black. These colors help to achieve the timeless and modern look because, let’s face it, they will never go out of style.


If you would like more information for a session with My Modern Baby by Nikki Lenae, go ahead and click the “Inquire” button above. Mention “My Modern Baby” so we know you would like use this style. You can also visit the “My Modern Baby” website by clicking here.


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