My Exclusive Once a Month Package

As a mother I’m often looking through the snapshots on my phone just so I can remember a memory of my baby.  Her toothy grin, baby rolls, and chubby hands deserve to be preserved in a photograph just so I will never forget.  I truly wish I had a photographer capture my baby’s first year with such care and attention to detail.  I realized one day that I only get one year.  My baby is only a baby for the first year of her life!  I immediately picked up my camera and made a promise to myself to photograph her every month.  It’s been almost three years since Evie’s birth and I’m content in my heart that I photographed her development for 12 months.  Mother to mother, don’t let this fleeting time pass you by.  The dimply fingers, baby rolls, and gummy smiles will disappear from one month to the next.  Make sure you preserve what you hold precious so you never forget.

Here is Naomi’s Once a Month Gallery.

Once a Month Package

I’ve created this jam packed package that covers 12 sessions, digital photographs, and products!  Allow me the honor of watching your baby grow, and provide photographs you will cherish for the rest of your life.

The Details:

This 12 session package is structured to photograph your entire journey from birth to your baby’s first birthday.  You will never forget how small your baby was, or those little facial expressions she did at 3 months old.  Your baby will be photographed where she is at that very moment so you can be reminded of her 1st year of life.

All outfits and props are provided by me.  If there is a color of outfit I do not have, I will buy it for your session.  My favorite places for baby outfits are Baby Bliss, Mia Joy, and Avonli Baby.


$475 per month for 12 sessions ($1900 savings!)

25% of the package is required to book

The Digitals:

~Newborn Session 10 Digital images
~ Remaining Sessions 5 digital images

The Products:

In addition to your digital images, you will receive:

~ 10×10 Custom Designed Photo Album
~30% off Prints and Photo Gifts


~ Add on a Mini Maternity session for a special price of $600

~ Add on a Motherhood setup for a special price of $300

Scroll down to see more Once a Month package babies!

Justine and Tatum

 Justine added on a maternity session, for a total of 13 sessions.  She also upgraded one of Tatums shoots to a Motherhood session.

AiVy’s Once a Month Gallery:

Baby AiVy is Naomi’s sister.  You can see Naomi’s completed gallery at the top of this post.

12 Baby Session Studio Package

Amanath’s Once a Month Gallery

Anaad’s Once a Month Gallery

Rachel’s Once a Month Package

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